Design stretch ceiling film

created in Germany by Teqtum GmbH.

Brand Ideology

Company “Teqtum GmbH“, combining advanced experience
of German technologists and the best European chemists,
developed a unique material for tensile ceilings under
the TEQTUM brand.

German quality
Fire safety
Environmental friendliness
Counterfeit protection

Innovative film Teqtum EURO satisfies all requirements for EU countries Environmental, safety, mechanical strength and heat resistance. Does not emit harmful substances and unpleasant odor during the use.

  • German film with confirmed

    Teqtum Euro is the material up to 5 meters wide that has successfully passed complex tests and got the right to be marked with CE (European correspondence).

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  • TEQTUM EURO — Does not burn

    Teqtum Euro is the fire-safe material with confirmed official certification.
    Teqtum Euro has a fire safety class Bs1d0 according to DIN EN 13501:

    • Does not propagate the flame,
    • Moderate smoke formation,
    • Doesn’t make any flaming drops.
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  • TEQTUM EURO — Ecological

    Teqtum Euro is certified according to 5 European safety standards, including the directive “Child safety standard“, which says that the material is absolutely safe for children.

    CE Marking

    Confirmation of label rights with CE.

    International quality raiting A+

    Highest rating according to European legislation for emission of volatile organic compounds and indoor air quality.

    Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of CHemicals

    The Regulation manages all producers, importers and end-users of chemicals in the European Economic Area.

    Restriction of use of Hazardous Substances

    Regulations on restrictions on the use of dangerous substances.

    European Safety Standard DIN EN 71

    The film was tested under the famous European Union Directive DIN EN 71 on child safety.

  • Unique technology

    Innovative manufacturing technology Matt film
    developed by the company Teqtum GmbH.
    This technology allows you to create matt films
    with minimal reflectivity, which allows to achieve
    plaster effect.

    • RAL 095 93 05
      Crepe silk white
    • RAL 110 96 02
      Laundry white
    • RAL 095 90 10
      Atlas white
    • RAL 000 85 00
      Shadow white
    • RAL 075 85 10
      Water lily white
    • RAL 000 55 00
      Medium grey
    • RAL 080 90 20
      Macadamia beige
    • RAL 000 40 00
      Dark grey
    • RAL 070 85 20
      Sandalwood beige
    • RAL 050 20 16
      Night brown
    • RAL 080 80 30
      Yellow beige
    • RAL 000 15 00
      Ink black

    Exclusive designer

    Teqtum Euro is the only film has 12 designer colors.
    Teqtum Range Palette developed by German designers
    and corresponds to Generally accepted scale for
    professional color design RAL Design.

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  • 100% protection against forgery

    • Unique UV marking,
    • Edge marking of the canvas,
    • Security passport for each ceiling.
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