Key installation

Stretch ceiling does not require preparation and preliminary work, as in the case of standard coatings.


Canvas are installed without construction debris, associated dust and dirt, and also does not require the mandatory removal of furniture and interior items.


It does not take much time to install a stretch ceiling — all work can be completed in one day, including the installation of ceiling lighting.

Installation scheme

  • 1

    Preparing the room for installation:
    Cover walls and floors with protective material.

  • 2

    Setting the level.
    (at least 4 cm from the bottom of the room).

  • 3

    Installation of profile systems and processing of joints, corners and junctions.

  • 4

    Installation of embedded platforms for chandeliers and lamps with cable laying.
    (one of the most important steps, because the wiring and connection should be done according to the rules!).

  • 5

    The canvas cut to size is unfolded indoors and fixed first in the corners of the room.

  • 6

    The suspended sheet is heated by heat cannon — heat causes the film to become soft and malleable.

  • 7

    After heating, the film is stretched and fixed by the fasteners.

  • 8

    Thermal sticker are glued onto the stretched canvas and lighting fixtures are installed.

  • 9

    Cleaning walls and floors from the protective material.

  • German Certification

    Teqtum GmbH, combining the best practices of German technologists and chemists, has developed a unique material for the new generation Teqtum tension ceilings.
    Teqtum canvas satisfies all requirements for EU countries in terms of environmental, safety, mechanical strength and heat resistance, do not emit harmful substances and unpleasant odor in use.
    On the basis of the results of testing and verification, Teqtum was granted the right to mark:

    CE Marking

    Teqtum Euro is the material up to 5 meters wide that has successfully passed complex tests and got the right to be marked with CE (European correspondence).

    International quality raiting A+

    Highest rating according to European legislation for emission of volatile organic compounds and indoor air quality.

    Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of CHemicals

    The Regulation manages all producers, importers and end-users of chemicals in the European Economic Area.

    Restriction of use of Hazardous Substances

    Regulations on restrictions on the use of dangerous substances.

    European Safety Standard DIN EN 71

    The film was tested under the famous European Union Directive DIN EN 71 on child safety.