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Individuality visible at first sight. If you are a lover of unusual finishes, ceilings are obliged to reflect such passions. And Teqtum’s stretch ceilings are best suited for the design. No other material will give such unlimited design freedom.


Upon request you can combine shapes, colors, choose lighting systems, according to the interior of the living space. As a result, each room has its own unique style.


Teqtum ceilings, which are tailored to your needs, are made of green materials and meet the most stringent requirements for fire protection.


New possibilities for design, healthy comfortable microclimate — open up maximum possibilities for owners of buildings. A home to feel safe.

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Implementation of complex design ceilings

Using different profile systems in combination with Teqtum canvases, it is possible to implement non-standard solutions:

  • Floating ceilings,
  • Flat ceilings,
  • Multi-level ceilings,
  • Shadow ceilings, etc.
Integration of modern lighting solutions

It is possible to use all modern lighting solutions in the tension flow design:

  • Point lamps for tensile ceiling,
  • Suspensive tensile ceiling lamps,
  • Track lighting system for tensile ceilings,
  • LED Tape Ceiling Lighting.
Over 20 years of service

The great advantage of stretch ceilings is that they have an average life of 15-20 years and do not lose their original appearance. The surface is elastic and does not require periodic repair.

Ease of service

Stretch ceilings, due to the properties of the materials from which they are made, are unpretentious; in particular, PVC ceilings are much easier to maintain than conventional ceiling surface finishes. Dust and small stains are almost invisible. But if necessary, simply wipe the diaper with a damp cloth.

Water resistance

The materials of the canvas for stretch ceilings have the ability to block water. The stretching ceiling neither allows up nor down moisture. The strength of the PVC film can withstand a load of more than 100 litres per square metre of area. If flooding is detected in time and the collected tensioned water is removed properly, the surface can be restored to its former appearance.

Innovative film Teqtum EURO satisfies all requirements for EU countries Environmental, safety, mechanical strength and heat resistance. Does not emit harmful substances and unpleasant odor during the use.

  • Environmental friendliness

    Teqtum canvas satisfies all requirements for EU countries in terms of environmental, safety, mechanical strength and heat resistance, do not emit harmful substances and unpleasant odor in use.
    On the basis of the results of testing and verification, Teqtum was granted the right to mark:

    CE Marking

    Teqtum Euro is the material up to 5 meters wide that has successfully passed complex tests and got the right to be marked with CE (European correspondence).

    International quality raiting A+

    Highest rating according to European legislation for emission of volatile organic compounds and indoor air quality.

    Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of CHemicals

    The Regulation manages all producers, importers and end-users of chemicals in the European Economic Area.

    Restriction of use of Hazardous Substances

    Regulations on restrictions on the use of dangerous substances.

    European Safety Standard DIN EN 71

    The film was tested under the famous European Union Directive DIN EN 71 on child safety.

  • Fire-resistance

    TEQTUM EURO was tested according to European standard EN 13501.
    Based on the results of these tests our TEQTUM EURO material is classified as:

    • Euro B class,
    • Sub-class S1,
    • Sub-class D0.


    What does it mean?

    Flammability: Euro B class is a nonflammable material.

    Fuming: Sub-class S1 is a moderate amount of smoke.

    Formation of burning droplets: D0 subclass — not formed.